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VLC for Android download apk package updated

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I’ve had a couple of requests to update the Android VLC package that I compiled last month. See this article if you’re not sure what I’m referring to.

Anyway, here’s the changes since the last build.

2011-09-03 Jean-Baptiste DB: fix syntax error
2011-08-24 Adrien Maglo Thumbnailer: generate the thumbnail in “crop” mode.
2011-08-22 Sébastien Toque i420_rgb: NEON version
2011-08-21 Rafaël Carré Display album name in audio player
2011-08-21 Rafaël Carré enable taglib again
2011-08-21 Rafaël Carré Don’t call FromLocaleDup(NULL)
2011-08-21 Rafaël Carré Read file meta data
2011-08-20 Michael Merg add functions to manage playlists
2011-08-20 Michael Merg UI: add german and italian language
2011-08-19 Michael Merg Android: prepare database for playlists
2011-08-19 Michael Merg UI: add repeat and shuffle icons
2011-08-18 Michael Merg UI: hide next and previous button
2011-08-18 Michael Merg UI: Add some icons and bugfix
2011-08-15 Rafaël Carré libvlcjni.so: link with libtag
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carré non-neon android build: use armv6
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carré configure.sh: sanitize flags
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carré build taglib module by default
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carré Use sane compilation flags
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carré patch taglib to really make a static build
2011-08-14 Rafaël Carré make sure live directory is writable for patching

See git.videolan.org for more info on the changes.

:!: Disclaimer: This is alpha code and you will need at least Android 2.2 and above. USE WITH CARE, I will not be held responsible if this stuffs your phone.

Also I’m not one of their developers, so report any bugs to the amazing VLC guys.

Otherwise you can download this vlc android build here.

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Comment from: AH164 [Visitor]

Any chance you can add in folder browsing?

Organization goes to hell with 20+GB of tv shows / movies using the current media directory.

17/09/11 @ 18:31

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