Download installers for eTax 2012 and 2013

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I’ve had alot of enquiries for more recent versions since my old post on eTax 2010. So here they are,

:!: Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with ATO and provide no warranty with the following software. These are the unmodified originals etax releases from ATO.


Loading ATO's e-tax file from 2010

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Loading ATO's e-tax file from 2010

Another financial year has ended in Australia, and its time do submit our tax returns again. However, it seems that ATO’s (Australia Tax Office) latest software, e-tax 2011, is unable to let me view last year’s Tax submission unless you still have the e-tax 2010 software from last year still installed.

If you have changed your computer or un-installed e-tax 2010, you will need to install e-tax 2010 in order to load the tax report from that year. Note, you will not be able to submit amendments, just be able to view what you submitted.

Problem is, ATO’s website no longer hosts the older versions while the latest version of etax is unable to load it. After much trolling through the web unsuccessfully, I finally found the 2010 installer from my backups.

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Katana can cut a bullet

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All these years of watching Japanese animes has finally paid off, who would have thought that it was even remotely possible to splice a bullet into half.

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