Yet another free Geocoder

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Thanks to Google Maps API, I was able to write up a geocoder in a couple of minutes without even realising that there was already a whole bunch of paid and free web sites that already do this.

Oh well, another one to add to the long list.

My geocode converter allows the user to enter a list of addresses and get it converted to its corresponding Latitude and Longitude with on click. The resulting list of Latitude and Longitude coordinates is comma separated so you can just open it with MS Excel or just copy and paste it into Excel.

You can use it by visiting my Geocoder page.

Scrolling overflowed DOM elements

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Because when an overflowed DOM element is first created, it always starts scrolling from the top.
However, you can scroll down an overflowed DOM element such as a Div by setting the scroll.

The follow sample is written in jQuery


$("#bigDiv").scrollTop($("#bigDiv")[0].scrollHeight - $("#bigDiv").height());

$("#bigDiv")[0].scrollHeight is the full overflowed height of the content.
$("#bigDiv").height() is the height of the container.

Javascript based Light up effect concept

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This is an idea that I had just thought about for my website revamp and quickly coded up a simple proof of concept.

I wanted to simulate a lighting up of room effect via javascript. Yes it could easily be done in Flash but everything seems to be moving to javascript these days for obvious reasons (see html5 and google chrome).

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