Wive-NG with Dlink DWL-G700AP does not work in Client mode

December 3rd, 2009

Dont get me wrong, Wive and Wive-ng are great projects that give crappy dlink access points a second life but there is just a serious lack of documentation especially in english.

Flashing the device is well documented and a breeze but despite attempts with different configurations
This just doesnt work!

Crusader Calculator ... live

November 20th, 2009

Just a quick post to say I finally went back and rewrote the method I was extracting data from the armory (I was using libxsl… which isn’t available on my webhost). So it is now live at:


In summary: it will grab your characters reputations and achievements and work out how many more turn-ins you should do for each capital faction before becoming a champion of them in order to hit exalted with all the factions, and become champions with them in the optimal path. It should detect what you have already championed, and the option is available to say what the maximum you can be bothered doing (i.e it says I need to do 43 turn-ins or 9 days of the dailies to complete just one faction).

Not sure how it’ll work for horde - it should be fine, but I don’t have a character to really test this will.

Scrolling overflowed DOM elements

November 7th, 2009

Because when an overflowed DOM element is first created, it always starts scrolling from the top.
However, you can scroll down an overflowed DOM element such as a Div by setting the scroll.

The follow sample is written in jQuery


$("#bigDiv").scrollTop($("#bigDiv")[0].scrollHeight - $("#bigDiv").height());

$("#bigDiv")[0].scrollHeight is the full overflowed height of the content.
$("#bigDiv").height() is the height of the container.