Real Life Red Alert Telsa Coil

November 7th, 2007


Red Alert Telsa

This is absolutely the coolest time wasting activity of the month! If only it was truly 3 dimensional. Brings back old memories of playing CnC. Most of the setup was from 1 dimensional pictures on cardboard. Nonetheless its still pretty wicked. Oh and yes, its a real tesla coil.

More pictures and plans on how he set it all up.

photoplug plugin for b2evolution

November 4th, 2007

Link: /media/blogs/brinley/

I’ve been trying to get my missus to update her blog but one of the features that she wanted as a way of embedding slideshows and photo galleries stuff.

So I ended up writing a simple one and named it photoplug.
Currently it only supports flickr and picasa.
What it does is it extends the renderer plugin to convert flickr and picasa tags into its respective embedded slideshows.

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Java3D and Compiz

November 3rd, 2007

In response to a query on the LG3D forums about being able to extra the applications from LG3D for use in a standard linux desktop I’ve been playing around with implementing Java3D to render through the support of Compiz. I’ve had some initial success as you can see below. Now just to get continuous updates working. I’ll post some details on the how soon.