Fixing Internet Explorer 8 printing lots of Blank Pages

July 23rd, 2011
Fixing Internet Explorer 8 printing lots of Blank Pages

Today, I encountered an unusual issue with printing a web page in IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) whereby the page prints correctly however it is followed by over 200 blank pages. This issue does not affect any versions of Firefox nor even IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) and IE7 (Internet Explorer 7).

So I set about investigating the issue, and sure enough found that the cause was CSS related.

:!: NOTE: this article is not meant for end users but rather for web developers. So if you are having this issue printing a web page and do not have access to edit that page, I’d suggest you email the website’s administrators and send them this page instead.

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Firefox Addon throwing ReferenceError: Components is not defined

April 22nd, 2011

For the work that I do, I have to upgrade my browsers often and work with the latest releases. However with the recent upgrade to Firefox 5, a bunch of addons keep throwing the following error.


ReferenceError: Components is not defined

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Fix for Wii buzz Freeze / Hang / Crash

March 26th, 2011

My Nintendo Wii has been crashing / freezing / hanging with a loud buzzing beeping sound in the middle of playing games especially Call Of Duty: Black Ops even when I had the original game and it appears I’m not alone.

Some people have mentioned that it maybe due a damaged or scratched CD or that the DVD rom on the Wii is faulty. However, I still encountered the issue when I copied my game to a USB drive to load via USB loader.

After much research, I managed to fix the buzz freeze for myself.

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