Playing videos from Windows/Smb share on Android device

October 13th, 2010
HTC Desire

There’s not much information about how to do this and while a number of file managers do give access to Windows/Samba network shares, they only allow you to edit open files leaving the application the responsibility of retrieving the file via smb protocol, which usually does not work very well. One such file manager application that I found able to do this is Astro File Manager although you’ll need to also install the SMB module from Market. Both the file manager and the smb module are free (ad supported) which is great. You wont beable to open a video file with this though because the stock video player does not know how to handle smb.

The other option is to copy them to your device if you have plenty of storage.

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Diggnation and Tekzilla RSS feeds WAIX mirror

October 6th, 2010
Diggnation and Tekzilla RSS feeds WAIX mirror

I setup up a couple of customized RSS feeds for Diggnation and Tekzilla that replaced the revision3 URL with’s URL for the video download source URLs. 3FL is on WAIX so Western Australians connecting via ISPs with WAIX quota will be able to enjoy Veronica Belmont and Diggnation in free traffic.

The 3FL feed URLs are as follows


If you find that the files are not available via the feed, its because 3FL has yet to mirror the file and there’s nothing much I can do until they download the file.

Essentially, they are the same HD versions you find on 3FL’s download page.
Hope someone else finds this just as useful and many thanks to 3FL for mirroring the files and saving me lots of download quota!

8 reasons I love my Android phone

September 17th, 2010

Just got my HTC Desire for a couple of weeks and boy am I loving it, Android has truly become a geeks dream come true. And there are plenty of reasons why its an iPhone/Crackberry killer and Windows 7 doesn’t stand a chance, but here’s my top 8 reasons why,

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