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Toyota Yaris radio security code unlock instructions

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This was god damned annoying, send your car for repair and now the radio is locked and only showing “SEC” on the screen. Apparently, this happens when the battery is disconnected. I was only able to find the instructions after alot of grief, pain and suffering and ALL THE OFFICIAL Toyota websites were USELESS >:XX

Sounds like you? Here’s how to enter the code.

Note: these instructions only apply to Toyota part no. PZQ60-12010, PZQ60-00021, PZQ60-0002 and PZQ60-52010

WARNING: you have a limited number of attempts to enter the code which according to the manual is 10. You can tell how many attempts you have used when you enter the incorrect code and it will say Err1 where the number 1 is the number of attempts so far. If a wrong pin code is entered for 10 times in succession, “HELP” will appear on the display window and will need to be sent to a Toyota dealer for assistance.

How to enter the pin number at the “SEC” display?

  • Place the ignition switch to “ACC” position and make sure that the power source of the AUDIO system is turned off.
  • Next, release all the other buttons then press and hold the Seek “^” button and push the Number 1 button. “_ _ _” will appear in the display window.
  • You can now enter the numbers by push Number 1 button for the first digit, Number 2 button for the second digit and Number 3 button for the 3rd digit. Each time you press the button, the number for that digit gets incremented.
  • After entering the pin number, you need to push the Scan button within 10 seconds to save it otherwise you will need to enter the pin number again.

Finding your pin number

Various sources on the web suggested the following “default” numbers set by the dealer if it is not provided with the documentation provided by the dealer.

  • Last 3 digits of VIN number
  • Last 3 digits of Chassis number
  • First 3 digits of dealer code


Comment from: JB [Visitor]  

Saved me!! Thx a million!!

30/01/11 @ 11:34
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]  

Thank you, now I don’t have to listen to the missus whinge about how the radio doesn’t work for the next 2 hours. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

11/02/11 @ 23:57
Comment from: edwin cardona [Visitor]  
edwin cardona

my toyota yaris 2009 on/off volume boton is not working. can’t turn the radio off or lower the volume on the radio why? how do I fix this problem? HELP!!!!!

17/05/11 @ 01:38
Comment from: sarah [Visitor]

my boyfiend replaced my radio and we went to three different dealers for the code and the idiots wanted to charge us $70 to recode it when the orginally dealer where the car was purchased said we dont set codes the customers do!! you are a bloody legend!!

16/01/12 @ 00:15
Comment from: Mei [Visitor]

Thank You so much for doing the hard yakka and providing us with the solution to the stupid SEC! Forever grateful! :)

28/02/12 @ 01:10
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]

Thank you.

I don’t know why this procedure isn’t in the owner’s manual.

21/03/12 @ 14:43
Comment from: Stephen [Visitor]

I have the same SEC problem on my radio what 3 digits did you use VIN, Engine, or Dealer
Thanks Steve

07/04/12 @ 13:29
Comment from: Andy and Bec [Visitor]
Andy and Bec

THANK YOU!!! We also can’t believe this isn’t in the manual. Even the dealer we asked didn’t really seem to know how to fix it. Much appreciated!!!

21/04/12 @ 03:32
Comment from: jin [Visitor]

Thanks a lot, your post just remaid me, my pin is the dealer’s street number. you are the best!!

01/05/12 @ 14:02
Comment from: Paul [Visitor]

Thank you it was great for your help.Read the manual nothing was there.

24/05/12 @ 16:45
Comment from: Damien [Visitor]

Sorry dude I tried all the above it’s still in the SEC lock mode.
Did chassis ,VIN, Dealer last 3 digits not working and bought it new

10/06/12 @ 07:02
Comment from: ST [Visitor]

last 3 digits of VIN for my Kluger, thanks mate!

14/07/12 @ 01:57
Comment from: Corolla Owner [Visitor]
Corolla Owner

I actually have a toyota corolla hatchback, not yaris or echo. I don’t noramlly post comments online but thought that there might be other like me that could might find this post useful.
I have a similar problem where my battery was disconnected and SEC was displayed. I started by reading through the owner’s manual and did not find anything helpful so I did a google search and came across this post. As this was the closest post I found to my issue I gave it a try anyway.
But when I looked at my car audio, there was no ’seek’ button, so i just pressed random buttons to try and get a reaction from the audio to no use. I then tried holding down the volunme nob and scan button at the same time and that worked. — showed as promised and I put in the last 3 digit of the vin, hold the nob and scan button down again and viola.
Thank you so much to the original poster :)

03/09/12 @ 10:36
Comment from: 2004 RAV4 owner [Visitor]
2004 RAV4 owner

The procedure worked on my RAV as well, using the VIN. Thanks a million for posting this :)

24/10/12 @ 03:53
Comment from: Roger [Visitor]

VIN number worked for my Yaris
Thanks heaps. We were up to our 9th try

29/10/12 @ 09:33
Comment from: John [Visitor]

Last 3 digits of VIN also worked for Tarago. I changed over the battery today in a professional workshop but even they couldn’t preserve the radio code. Thanks so much for this tip.
Hmm, couldn’t see the captcha in Firefox, now trying IE.

04/02/13 @ 00:43
Comment from: Xu [Visitor]

We went to our 8th try and made it. That kind of happiness beyond words.
Thank you again for this useful tip and your generosity!!!!!!

30/07/13 @ 12:03
Comment from: Ben L [Visitor]
Ben L

Thanks a lot. Finally I unlocked my radio!

03/08/13 @ 04:38
Comment from: Melique [Visitor]

I’ve been driving around without music for a week and was going mad.
I remembered the code but now the process of putting it in.

18/11/13 @ 08:29

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