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Skipping Setup Wizard on first boot of LineageOS or any Android ROM

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I flash custom ROMs often and various Android devices. Most of my phones only last two years and stop working just when the warranty expires. Anyway, I recently had a phone with dead areas in the touch screen and the setup wizard buttons are in the dead region. So I had to figure out a way to bypass the setup wizard. Here's how I did it.

:!: these approaches are done in Recovery mode (TWRP) with Terminal in recovery mode on the device or via adb. Remember to mount system as read-write, this can be done in one of the options in TWRP.

Approach 1: build.props
So I first tried to disable it via build.props and updating


ro.setupwizard.mode= DISABLED

However that didn't work for LineageOS but from what I read it could work for other Android ROMs.

Approach 2: Just remove the setup wizard apk

via TWRP, after mounting system, open up Terminal and do


rm -rf /system/priv-app/SetupWizard

:!: With LineageOS, LineageOSSetupWizard does a couple of things so you need to run it so it to have it functioning correctly such as being able to enable developer mode. If you dont run the SetupWizard for LineageOS you wont beable to enable developer mode.


mv /system/priv-app/LineageOSSetupWizard /sdcard

Then once you've fixed what you need such as resizing the viewport via wm overscan or something else, you need to run the LineageOSSetupWizard.apk and complete it.

If you prefer via adb, here's the alternative steps.


adb reboot recovery
adb shell mount /system
adb shell rm -rf /system/priv-app/SetupWizard
adb shell mv /system/priv-app/LineageOSSetupWizard /sdcard

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