HP's IPAQ firmware screw up

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Seems like HP knew what was screwing up the firmware updates after all. This is the widely reported issue that has affected many IPAQ users such as my self.

You can see it as one of the document fixes on the firmware download’s page at HP.com
under the release notes page.

Here is a screen capture from Firefox of the above link (click to view the full image),
HP Website screenshot

New range of HP IPAQs

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In the wake of the Apple IPhone craze, HP has released a new range of IPAQs and they’re not following the touch screen craze that all the other phone companies are following like the SamSung F700 which looks like a decent IPhone competitor.

Instead HP decides to do the traditional approach; more memory, faster processor and oh latest OS. Thats right make your customers buy a new IPAQ for Windows Mobile 6.

HP iPAQ 900 Series
Business MessengerHP iPAQ 600 Series
Business NavigatorHP iPAQ 200 Series
Enterprise Handheld

Nothing new, hope you did the right thing, dumbasses.

Sick of my HP IPAQ 6515

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The HP IPAQ 6515 was a great PDA Phone with a built-in GPS when it first came out, sadly HP has simply been sitting back on a minor success. They released different versions ranging from the IPAQ 6510 to 6515a to 6515e and ultimately it was all the same hardware with different model names.

I am starting this rant because my IPAQ 6515e crashed again, its been a weekly occurrence which is unacceptable especially when I have the most recent firmware. NFI how many important calls I may have missed.

It is very pathetic to see HP attempt to sell the 6515 as a GPS navigator when other phone companies such as Dopod have been quietly integrating GPS as a standard feature in their new phones. My next phone will probably be a Dopod or HTC as they look like they are doing real well with the latest models.

Apart from screwing their customers with sub-standard firmware upgrades, HP have also decided not to release upgrades to Windows Mobile 5. Especially so when other companies are already releasing Windows Mobile 6 firmware updates.

This is brings about the Spectec SDIO Wifi 802.11b card which HP had recommended as a compatible WIFI card for the IPAQ 6515. Well, it does not support WPA2 and Spectec support blame it as an OS fault that Microsoft did not provide support for it in Windows CE 2003 hence I cant get wireless connection at work.

I will never buy another PDA from HP again.


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