Fix for Wii buzz Freeze / Hang / Crash

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My Nintendo Wii has been crashing / freezing / hanging with a loud buzzing beeping sound in the middle of playing games especially Call Of Duty: Black Ops even when I had the original game and it appears I’m not alone.

Some people have mentioned that it maybe due a damaged or scratched CD or that the DVD rom on the Wii is faulty. However, I still encountered the issue when I copied my game to a USB drive to load via USB loader.

After much research, I managed to fix the buzz freeze for myself.

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Wii error 204036 when downloading Opera Internet Channel

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This isn’t a documented Wii system error and has nothing to do with the Nintendo’s update servers being busy because the Internet Channel is now free.

AKAIK, its caused by left over Internet Channel settings. If you have installed Opera via a wad, you will need to remove it via a proper wad un-installer such as Waninkoko’s wad-manager or the AnyTitle deleter. Deleting from the Wii settings data management menu will not work.

Thanks to Nintendo for finally releasing this free!
Please release a free media center app thanks!:P

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